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Natalie Portman On Chris Hemsworth’s Rise To Fame: ‘He’s Going To Be Able To Handle All Of That’

Following his appearnace at Comic-Con, Chris Hemsworth left fanboys — and girls — in awe of his muscular “Thor” physique.

As it turns out, the fans aren’t the only ones who have taken a liking to this rising star — his co-star Natalie Portman is a big fan, too.

While promoting the film, Natalie, who plays Jane Foster, a nurse and the first love of Chris’ title character, spoke with’s Laura Saltman about the Aussie actor and the upcoming fame he is sure to gain from this landing this action-packed role.

“He’s so grounded, kind and just a nice, normal person,” she said. “I know he’s going to be able to handle all of that with incredible grace. He already has.”

Chris’ star status will change dramatically as he stars as “Thor,” the hammer-wielding superhero fans have come to love from the Marvel comic book. For the role, he bulked up in muscle mass to fill out his character’s nice, big red cape. He even shows off a long blonde wig.
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Australians in Film 2010 Breakthrough Awards

Chris attended the Australians in Film 2010 Breakthrough Awards yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to collect any photos for the gallery yet, but you can preview some photos here and here if you need a little Chris fix today. 😉

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Chris Hemsworth On His ‘Thor’ Costume: ‘It’s Not Very Comfortable, But It Looks Amazing’

The secrecy of director Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of “Thor” has been so great, that even though filming is currently winding down, only a single shot of Chris Hemsworth in his Thor costume has emerged online.

And while Thor’s outfit appears to be taken directly from the recent “Thor” run by J. Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel, the costume was extremely uncomfortable, according to Hemsworth.

“I put the [costume] on and said ‘It’s not very comfortable, but it looks amazing, so it’s all good.'” during an interview with Superhero Hype. “And then a couple of weeks in, I thought ‘It’s getting more and more uncomfortable,’ and at the end of three, four months it was a pretty difficult thing to wake up and put on every morning. But it’s sells such an image in the picture. It does a lot of the work for you.”
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Hemsworth and Kwanten Win Aussie Breakthrough Awards

Australian actors Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Kwanten are the toast of their native country – they will receive the top honours at an upcoming awards show to celebrate Aussie stars in Hollywood.

The Breakthrough Awards, organized by the Australians In Film association, is designed to recognized the achievements of stars from Down Under who are carving out careers in the American entertainment industry.

Hemsworth, who will appear in upcoming superhero blockbuster Thor, and True Blood star Kwanten will follow in the footsteps of other actors including Sam Worthington, Mia Wasikowska, Isla Fisher and Abbie Cornish, who are all previous winners.

The event, which will take place in Los Angeles on 13 May (10), will also see the announcement of the 2010 winner of the Heath Ledger Scholarship – a sum of $10,000 plus return airfare from Australia which will be awarded to one emerging Aussie to help pursue a career in the U.S.


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Kenneth Branagh is hammering away on ‘Thor’ — and those nasty rumors

It’s no surprise to learn that back in Ireland, young Kenneth Branagh — who would grow up to direct film adaptations of “Hamlet,” “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Henry V” — fell under the spell of tales about royal family intrigue, ancient rivalry and clanging battlefields. What is unexpected, though, is that epic of obsession was by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, not William Shakespeare.

“Growing up, my single comic book passion was Thor,” says the 49-year-old actor and filmmaker who surprised many industry observers by taking on the director’s job on the big-budget adaptation of the Marvel Comics thunder god. “From my time in Belfast as a kid, that’s the first time I came across that comic, really, exclusively, I don’t know why, but it struck a chord. I was drawn to it. I liked all the dynastic drama.”
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Chris Hemsworth Describes His ‘Impressive’ Costume For ‘Thor’

Filming for “Thor” is still underway, but star Chris Hemsworth offered up some hints about the look he’ll be sporting when he brings Marvel’s god of thunder to the big screen in May 2011.
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Glamour’s New Faces for 2010

Thanks to Jack of Glamour for letting me know that Chris is featured in Glamour’s New Faces for 2010. Click here to read the full feature which includes a few of my other personal favorites, Isabel Lucas, Anna Kendrick, Jim Sturgess, Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd, Henry Cavill, the Glee cast and many more.

Chris Hemsworth
Age: 26
Star Quality: Like his ex, Isabel Lucas, this Australian actor cut his teeth in Home & Away. But this year sees him make the transition from soap star to bona fide Hollywood heartthrob. Chris (and his muscles) take on the lead in forthcoming flick, Thor.

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The Brothers Hemsworth

Dewey Nicks and Krista Smith spotlight Hollywood’s latest Aussie imports, Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

Hemsworth may not be a household surname in Hollywood, let alone elsewhere, but expect that to change, and soon. Actor brothers Chris, 26, and Liam, 19, were raised in southern Australia, and grew up fighting like bear cubs. With age they’ve become best friends, though that hasn’t stopped them from maintaining a healthy competition across parallel trajectories as rising young stars. After toiling on the Aussie soap opera Home and Away (where Heath Ledger also earned his stripes), Chris got his first American break when he was cast as Captain Kirk’s doomed father in J. J. Abrams’s Star Trek reboot. Chris has followed that brief but memorable role with the lead in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn, the Reagan-era action movie about kids taking on Soviet invaders. Meanwhile, Liam, who had been laying floors back home, landed a screen test for the title role—complete with winged helmet—in Marvel Studios’ coming Thor franchise hopeful, to be directed by Kenneth Branagh for summer 2011. The part ultimately went to Chris. But Liam, who followed his brother to California last March, quickly rebounded and will soon be seen as a romantic lead opposite Miley Cyrus in The Last Song, from a predictably tear-jerking screenplay by Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook). We look forward to seeing how this friendly sibling rivalry plays out as the brothers Hemsworth near Hollywood’s summit.


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From Star Trek to Thor: J.J. Abrams On Chris Hemsworth’s Leading Man Look

Last spring’s “Thor” casting contest conjured more rumors than most fans could shake an Uru hammer at, so when the storm had finally settled to reveal Chris Hemsworth as the son of Odin, many reserved judgment—that is, until they saw him lead a starship as Captain George Kirk.

While his heroic role fetched plenty of fan support, Hemsworth’s biggest booster to date may just be his former “Star Trek” director J.J. Abrams, who had nothing but great things to say about the actor’s Starfleet performance.

“It’s very exciting. We really lucked out,” Abrams told MTV News in an exclusive interview ahead of the “Star Trek” DVD/Blu-Ray release next month. “He’s so crazy handsome and he’s so strapping with the classic leading man look. I sort of wish I had dirtied him up a little bit, messed his hair up a little bit.”

“The guy’s hair up until the last moment is sort of perfect. In retrospect I look at that and am like a little smudge or a hair out of place would have been a good thing,” he said. “The guy is a sweetheart and terrific actor.”

According to Abrams, the last time he had a chance to chat with Hemsworth was prior to his “Thor” announcement, but he knew the actor was destined for big things.

“[Hemsworth] was in a moment where he was trying to figure out what his next thing was going to be and he stayed strong in terms of what his commitments were to various projects. I knew that he was going to be given a lot of opportunities sooner or later and I was hoping it would be off of Trek,” said Abrams.

Abrams’ intuition seems to be right on target thus far, especially considering Hemsworth’s projected “Thor” followup as one of “The Avengers.”

Fans will have to wait until 2011 and 2012 to find out for sure, which ought to give Hemsworth plenty of time to smudge his face like a warrior born.

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Jovovich: ‘Hemsworth is the next big thing’

Milla Jovovich has described her A Perfect Getaway co-star Chris Hemsworth as “the next big thing”.

Jovovich lines up with the Australian actor, who briefly appeared in this summer’s Star Trek and will lead the cast of Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, in this week’s thriller about couples being stalked by killers while on holiday.

Speaking to DS, Jovovich said that she already sees Hemsworth as a star in the making.

“Chris is amazing,” she said. “I was so happy they hired him, he’s really such a star in my head. He’s going to do so well. As soon as I saw him I said to the director, ‘Good choice, man!’

“He is the next big thing, a really great guy, very smart. He’s Australian and did a great American accent in this movie, he’s a very talented actor.”