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Home and Away 3921-3998 screencaps

The following new screencaps have been added to the gallery. As always, a big thank you goes out to Trish for all her help.

Episode 3921
Episode 3928
Episode 3931
Episode 3932
Episode 3936
Episode 3939
Episode 3941
Episode 3942
Episode 3947
Episode 3955
Episode 3988
Episode 3989
Episode 3992
Episode 3993
Episode 3997
Episode 3998

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Home and Away 3720, 3729 and 3743-3867 screencaps

The following new screencaps have been added to the gallery. Thanks again to Trish for all of her help.

Episode 3720
Episode 3729
Episode 3743
Episode 3761
Episode 3768
Episode 3769
Episode 3773
Episode 3818
Episode 3823
Episode 3831
Episode 3845
Episode 3850
Episode 3856
Episode 3857
Episode 3858
Episode 3863
Episode 3865
Episode 3867

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New gallery

Sorry for the downtime this afternoon. I installed a new gallery script last night and needed to update the links in the older posts. The reason for the new script is that I was having some issues with a few of the albums staying in order and with all the screencaps there are it was becoming a bit of a headache. That won’t be a problem with the new script though. I think I managed to update all the older posts, but if you happen to run into any with broken gallery links, just post a comment and I’ll update the post. 🙂

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New candids

I’ve updated the gallery with some new candid photos of Chris at LAX on August 7th and the Vancouver International Airport on August 8th. You can view a few others of him with fans here at JustJared. He’s looking even buffer these days, isn’t he?

Please note that I’m not a big fan of candid photographs and will only add candids of him when he seems genuinely OK with being photographed. I will not add any of photos of him if he seems visibly annoyed or doesn’t know he’s being photographed by the paparazzi.

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Trouble in Paradise

Beautiful people and an awe-inspiring landscape set the stage for this darn good action flick. “A Perfect Getaway” is a lean, 97-minute thriller where characters discuss writing for the movies and second-reel plot twists while kayaking with a secret killer and hiking alongside homicidal maniacs.

There is plenty of good cinema here, including arty camera work, gutsy images and a sequence of bleached black-and-white scenes midway that writer/director David Twohy employs to set the record straight. For in this tale of honeymooners stalked by bloodthirsty murderers, all is not what it appears to be.
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