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Roadside Attractions Gets Their Hands on some ‘Cash’

There hasn’t been much build up in the movie news and blog world regarding the upcoming release of the action/thriller Cash, which is being directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson (South Central). It’s really a shame though, because it stars one of the hot young up-and-coming Hollywood actors, Chris Hemsworth (Red Dawn, Thor) and the solid veteran actor Sean Bean (Flightplan, Lord of the Rings).

After having a good showing and building up a decent amount of steam at last year’s American Film Market, the film Cash has been floating around, working on a distribution deal. The news now is that Three Good Men, the studio behind Cash, has struck a deal with Roadside Attractions for a theatrical release on March 26th, 2010 and Lionsgate will handle the DVD release. That’s good news for fans of both Bean and Hemsworth.

Roadside Attractions is known for bringing mostly independent films to a wider audience and they usually don’t invest their time, effort and money unless the film has promise, which can only mean good things for audiences eagerly awaiting Cash. Roadside is responsible to bringing us films like Super Size Me, Fido (which has our very own Vic Holtreman quoted on the DVD cover), Amazing Grace, The Cove and most recently they picked up Winter’s Bone from Sundance. A blockbuster line up? No, but it is a solid offering and each film mentioned has gained critical acclaim in its individual genre.
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Roadside adds ‘CA$H’

Roadside Attractions has acquired all U.S. rights to “CA$H,” written and directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson and starring Sean Bean, Chris Hemsworth and Victoria Profeta.

The Chicago-set action thriller features Hemsworth and Profeta as a couple who find a suitcase full of cash that brings with it a sinister character played by Bean.

Roadside will release the film theatrically on March 26, and Lionsgate will handle the subsequent DVD release and ancillary markets as part of its output deal with Roadside.

The film was produced and financed by Naveen Chathappuram of Immortal Thoughts with Prema Thekkek serving as exec producer. Media 8 Entertainment is handling international sales.

The deal was brokered by Roadside co-president Howard Cohenand attorney David Krintzman with Media 8’s Lawrence Meyers on behalf of the filmmakers.


Thanks to Lucy for the link.

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Roadside Collects “CA$H” for U.S.

U.S. rights to Stephen Milburn Anderson’s “CA$H” have been acquired by Roadside Attractions. The Los Angeles-based distributor will open the film theatrically on March 26th and Lionsgate will release the film on DVD and other US ancillary markets through Roadside’s output deal. Roadside’s co-president Howard Cohen negotiated the pact with David Krintzman of Morris, Yorn, Barnes and Levine as well as Lawrence Meyers of Media 8 Entertainment, on behalf of the filmmakers. The film was produced and financed by Naveen Chathappuram, of Immortal Thoughts, with Prema Thekkek serving as Executive Producer. Media 8 Entertainment is handling international sales.

Milburn’s (“South Central”) film is described as a “character-driven action thriller that explores the all-encompassing power of money and the extreme lengths desperate people will go to get it and keep it.” With a stroke of good luck, a struggling couple find a suitcase full of money, but it turns lethal for Sam Phelan (Chris Hemsworth) and his wife Leslie (Victoria Profeta). The money fulfills their fantasies, but also brings strange and sinister Pyke Kubic (Sean Bean) to their doorstep. Pyke leads Sam and Leslie on a frenetic and violent adventure through the streets of Chicago and forces them to play by his rules. But they play the game better than anyone expected.

“‘CA$H’ is a great ride, and is timely as well,” said Roadside Attractions Co-President Howard Cohen in a statement. “It’s about an ordinary couple, faced with foreclosure on their house, who kind of go crazy trying to keep a bunch of money that could change their lives.”


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Stephen Milburn Anderson’s CASH will release this Spring

Thanks to Ashley from the official CASH site for contacting me with the following information.

Stephen Milburn Anderson’s CASH (CA$H), starring Sean Bean and Chris Hemsworth, will release this Spring; announcement is placed on after a low budget film of the same name emerges.

CASH (CA$H), starring Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson & the Olympians) and Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek, Thor), will release Spring of 2010, states the official website for the film (

The clarification comes at a time when a low budget film of the same name, starring a cast of unknowns, has appeared online.

“We wish the other film good luck, and want to reassure Sean Bean and Chris Hemsworth fans that CASH, directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson, will release this Spring. You can expect an official announcement by early February,” said producer Naveen Chathappuram.

The film bearing the same name was previously titled “Bullets, Blood & a Fistful of Ca$h.”
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Sean Bean and Chris Hemsworth Take CA$H

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like Sean Bean. I think he’s one of the greatest villainous actors working today (alongside Gary Oldman), and now we have word that he’s adding another villain role to his massive repertoire in a film called Ca$h.

Soon-to-be star Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek, the upcoming Red Dawn, Thor, and Cabin in the Woods) joins Bean in this “quirky psychological thriller” from writer/director Stephen Milburn Anderson. The film looks to deal with some fascinatingly pertinent topics, including the state of the economy, wrapped in an action movie setting.
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Sean Bean & Chris Hemsworth are in Search of ‘CASH’

Moola, greenback, cheddar, lettuce, Benjamins, dough, c-note, buck or cash – whatever term you use to describe it, everyone needs more money (even James Cameron, apparently). Have you ever found some money on the ground and kept it? Of course you have. Everyone does that, there’s no way to figure out who dropped that lone twenty or fifty dollar bill, so might as well keep it! But what if the money was in a wallet? That changes the whole game. You could take the money out and return the wallet saying you found it empty – or, if your moral standards are slightly higher, just return it like you found it.

Personally, I find money all the time laying around (mostly at restaurants on empty dirty tables 🙂 ) and I keep it. There’s no sense in letting someone else find and keep it. Let’s say though that the amount was significantly higher and you found it in a briefcase or duffel bag. What would you do then? Spend it or return it? What if the owner of themoney started looking for you instead of you looking for him? That would sure change things in a hurry.
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A Perfect Getaway screencaps

I updated the gallery last night with screencaps of Chris in both the Director’s Cut and Theatrical versions A Perfect Getaway. If you haven’t had a chance to see the film yet, you should definitely check it out. The cast is great, especially Timothy Olyphant, the locations are gorgeous, it’s nicely paced and is just all in all a pretty good little flick.

DVD Screencaptures (Director’s Cut)
DVD Screencaptures (Theatrical Version)

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Glamour’s New Faces for 2010

Thanks to Jack of Glamour for letting me know that Chris is featured in Glamour’s New Faces for 2010. Click here to read the full feature which includes a few of my other personal favorites, Isabel Lucas, Anna Kendrick, Jim Sturgess, Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd, Henry Cavill, the Glee cast and many more.

Chris Hemsworth
Age: 26
Star Quality: Like his ex, Isabel Lucas, this Australian actor cut his teeth in Home & Away. But this year sees him make the transition from soap star to bona fide Hollywood heartthrob. Chris (and his muscles) take on the lead in forthcoming flick, Thor.

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The Brothers Hemsworth

Dewey Nicks and Krista Smith spotlight Hollywood’s latest Aussie imports, Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

Hemsworth may not be a household surname in Hollywood, let alone elsewhere, but expect that to change, and soon. Actor brothers Chris, 26, and Liam, 19, were raised in southern Australia, and grew up fighting like bear cubs. With age they’ve become best friends, though that hasn’t stopped them from maintaining a healthy competition across parallel trajectories as rising young stars. After toiling on the Aussie soap opera Home and Away (where Heath Ledger also earned his stripes), Chris got his first American break when he was cast as Captain Kirk’s doomed father in J. J. Abrams’s Star Trek reboot. Chris has followed that brief but memorable role with the lead in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn, the Reagan-era action movie about kids taking on Soviet invaders. Meanwhile, Liam, who had been laying floors back home, landed a screen test for the title role—complete with winged helmet—in Marvel Studios’ coming Thor franchise hopeful, to be directed by Kenneth Branagh for summer 2011. The part ultimately went to Chris. But Liam, who followed his brother to California last March, quickly rebounded and will soon be seen as a romantic lead opposite Miley Cyrus in The Last Song, from a predictably tear-jerking screenplay by Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook). We look forward to seeing how this friendly sibling rivalry plays out as the brothers Hemsworth near Hollywood’s summit.


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Dancing with the Stars episode and behind the scenes screencaps

The gallery has been updated with the following screencaps of Chris’ Dancing with the Stars episodes and some behind the scenes clips. Thanks to Trish again for all the help.

I also wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 10
Episode 1 – Behind the Scenes
Episode 2 – Behind the Scenes
Episode 3 – Behind the Scenes
Episode 4 – Behind the Scenes
Episode 5 – Behind the Scenes
Episode 6 – Behind the Scenes