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“Thor” Is the Number 1 Movie for Second Week

Despite the release of two new movies in wide release, Marvel Studios’ Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston remained in first place with an estimated $34.5 million, down roughly 48% from its opening weekend and bringing its North American total to $119.2 million.

Opening in a strong second place was Paul Feig’s R-rated comedy Bridesmaids (Universal), starring Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, with an estimated $24.4 million in just over 2,900 theaters, averaging over $8,300 per site. Produced by Judd Apatow for a reported $32.5 million, the raunchy female-targeted comedy opened with $7.8 million on Friday, then saw a bump on Saturday to $10.7 million. With a CinemaScore of B+ (similar to Apatow’s second film Knocked Up), it should be expected to have a strong run over the summer.

Universal’s other summer hit Fast Five starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster dropped to third place with $19.5 million and $168.8 million grossed domestically in three weekends. The Justin Lin-directed action movie was also the #1 movie worldwide for a third weekend in a row, grossing another $77.5 million in 63 countries to bring its total worldwide gross to $440.5 million! Universal had its second biggest opening in China where it opened at #1 with $8.5 million in 1,500 locations, four times the opening of Fast & Furious.

Rounding out the top five was Screen Gem’s action thriller Priest in fourth place and 20th Century Fox’s animated comedy Rio in fifth. (Source)

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It’s Official! Chris is Set to Play The Huntsman!

Universal have finally locked down their fourth and final main character for next year’s Snow White and the Huntsman! Chris Hemsworth, the Australian actor who won us over in Star Trek and headlines Thor, this past week’s number one movie in America, has officially signed on as Kristen Stewart’s Huntsman in Universal’s take on the Snow White classic.

In this adapatation of the Grimm’s Brother tale, Snow White is no damsel in distress. On the run with the Huntsman, Snow White insists that she be taught self defense in order to protect herself without needing a man.

The news that Hemsworth is to take the titular role is a departure from the previous, and more established, names whom Universal had been eyeing – Viggo Mortensen and fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman.

But it’s good news for Universal who at last have their four main characters after up and comer Sam Claflin signed on to play Prince Charmant earlier this month with Charlize Theron attached since the beginning to play the evil step-mother.

Relativity’s own adaptation of the same classic tale The Brothers Grimm: Snow White has been cast for some time now (Lily Collins is to take the role of Snow White here, with Armie Hammer as her Prince and Julia Roberts as the evil step-mother) so we’re excited for these two to finally start filming. (Source)

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“Cabin in the Woods” Close to Finding Distribution

Lionsgate are close to acquiring the distribution rights to MGM’s long-delayed irreverent horror film Cabin in the Woods. Written and directed by Cloverfield producer Drew Goddard, with a little assistance from Joss Whedon, “Cabin in the Woods” stars Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Jesse Williams, Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison and Amy Acker.

“Cabin in the Woods” was originally set to be released in October 2009, but was delayed so it could be converted into 3D. The delay has little to do with the quality of the film. It was once slated to be released by MGM on Oct. 23, 2009, but was pulled back because it was going to be converted to 3D. Then, everything froze at MGM because of the strangling debt load, and The Cabin in the Woods was among several pictures that languished. By the time the picture is released, Thor will have established Hemsworth’s star value, which will certainly help a film that also stars Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford.

That leaves the remake of Red Dawn as the last holdover MGM film seeking a distributor. That picture also stands to gain from having sat on a shelf. That one also stars Hemsworth as well as Josh Hutcherson, who was just set to star in The Hunger Games, and Adrianne Palicki. (Source)

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Chris Talks to LA Times About “The Avengers”

Geoff Boucher over at The LATimes recently sat down with Thor star Chris Hemsworth and they discussed if we’ll see Captain America and Thor clash in The Avengers, how he feels about working again with director Joss Whedon, and what aspect of The Avengers is he most excited for.

On If We’ll See Thor’s Hammer Hit Captain America’s Shield:
“I’m sure that’s up there on the list of possibilities, that would be something to see at some point,” the star of “Thor” said cryptically when asked if his character might tussle with Captain America in the classic Marvel tradition of superhero sparring. “I’ve thought about that too.”

What He Thinks About Thor And Captain America: TFA Facing Off In The Box Office:
“I have brothers so I know about competing with someone at the same time you’re cheering for them,”

What He’s Most Excited For:
“Jeremy, Chris Evans, Scarlett, Mark Ruffalo, all of them, wow, it’s going to be fun,” said Hemsworth, who before “Thor” was best known to American audiences for a fleeting appearance in the J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” film. “I really feel like a fan in all of this because I’ve seen all these individual characters come to life. Now to throw them together, you feel like a kid in a way, there’s really a giddy feeling. I’m looking forward to being in a room with not just those actors but those characters, these larger-than-life characters, and seeing how that turns out. I want to see how Captain America and Thor and Iron Man react to one another.”

How He Feels About Working With Joss Whedon On The Avengers:
I’ve worked with Joss on ‘Cabin in the Woods’ — he wrote it with Drew Goddard and Drew directed but Joss was on set and very collaborative with ideas, so I got a sense of his personality and who he was. So I feel less cautious now, knowing him and really liking him. I’m really excited to work with Joss and to see where he takes Thor and all of the Marvel characters.”


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Chris Officially Offered “Snow White and the Huntsman” Role

Chris Hemsworth is quite the “It” boy these days. The Thor star has officially been offered the role of the huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman, co-starring Kristen Stewart as the female lead, reports.

The huntsman role had once been attached to both Viggo Mortensen and Hugh Jackman, but it seems that after the $66 million opening week “Thor” enjoyed, Hemsworth has landed as a frontrunner. Reports that Hemsworth was being eyed for the part surfaced earlier this month. Now the Australian actor signing on for the project seems to be hinged on whether or not shooting for The Avengers will get in the way.

Based on the legendary fairy tale, Snow White and the Hunstman follows the titular princess after the evil queen Ravenna calls for her death, centering on the huntsman who disobeys orders and allows the fair maiden to live. The updated story will break from convention by having the huntsman mentor and train Snow White to fight off Ravenna herself. Directed by Rupert Sanders, Snow White and the Hunstman is scheduled for release on December 21, 2012.

While Hemsworth’s participation hasn’t been inked just yet, Stewart has found her Prince Charming in British actor Sam Claflin, who will soon be seen in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides:

“I’m very excited,” he recently told MTV News. “I’m a big fan of her work. I’m truly sort of flabbergasted — that’s a good word, I love that. I’m just looking forward to getting my teeth into something new as well,” Claflin continued. “I’ve never had so much fun [as I did] doing [‘Pirates’] … Being able to get my teeth into something new is something I’m really looking forward to.”


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“Thor” Interview with Chris, Kat and Kenneth

Alison Haislip of Attack of the Show! joins Chris Hemsworth, Kat Dennings and director Kenneth Branagh to talk about their new film, Thor and try to figure out how to pronounce Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. A big thank you to Stef for sending this to my attention!

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What’s Coming Up Next For Chris?

With Thor expected to have a $60 million debut at the box office this weekend, Chris Hemsworth has quickly become Hollywood’s man of the moment. So, what roles will he be tackling next?

Red Dawn: Hemsworth’s fit physique will come in handy playing Jed Eckert in Dan Bradley’s action-packed remake of the 1984 film (originally starring Patrick Swayze), in which a group of teenagers try to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers (originally Soviets). The film is set to hit theaters sometime this year.

The Cabin in the Woods: The Aussie actor joins Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford and Jesse Williams in Drew Goddard’s 3D horror film. Co-written by Joss Whedon and produced by MGM, the film does not yet have a release date.

The Avengers: Hemsworth will reprise his role as Nordic god, Thor, in Marvel’s super-hero mash-up set to hit theaters April 2012. The film also stars Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Chris Evans (Captain America) and Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner).

Snow White and the Huntsman: No role has been confirmed, but it is rumored that he’s being considered for the lede male role in the Universal Pictures’ pic starring Kristen Stewart.


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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Last night, Chris was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to promote Thor. Take a look at the two part video interview below. And remember, Thor is now in theatres!