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‘Red Dawn’ filming explodes with gawkers, effects

That big boom near Woodward and Mack today was an explosion staged for the filming of “Red Dawn.”

Flames and debris erupted from a long-closed auto repair shop around 1:30 p.m. It was all done for the remake of the 1984 film that featured a young Patrick Swayze.

Clusters of passersby gathered to watch as the “Red Dawn” crew got ready for the big moment. Throughout the morning and the early afternoon, Woodward Avenue was dotted with military-looking vehicles and extras in military uniforms.

Jackie Hirst, 39, a lab supervisor whose office is nearby, came out to watch some of the filming. She said the building used for the scene was spruced up over the past few weeks and turned into a Tuffy muffler shop for the scene.

“It’s kind of neat. We’ve been having posters put up in the lab saying it’s coming, if you hear an explosion, don’t worry, it’s safe,” said Hirst.

“Red Dawn” has been filming since last month at various locations in metro Detroit. Shooting is expected to continue through early December. The cast includes many young actors on the verge of stardom, including Chris Hemsworth (who was in the new “Star Trek” movie), Josh Peck (the TV series “Drake & Josh”), and Adrianne Palicki (“Friday Night Lights”).

There also was a staged explosion Monday in downtown Detroit for the movie. Like the original, the reboot of “Red Dawn” is expected to include plenty of action and adventure.

“We try to have some big explosion every few days on this movie,” quipped producer Tripp Vinson.

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