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‘Thor’ Star Chris Hemsworth Talks About His Title Role

Actor Chris Hemsworth is relatively unknown to the greater public — but quite a few movie fans have known Hemsworth’s name for a while, thanks to his being cast The God of Thunder is one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe, and MTV News was curious to find out Hemsworth’s path to the role.

“The very first audition I had was one of those things in amongst several other auditions you get,” Hemsworth told MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con. “You know nothing about it, there’s no script or anything — it’s very secretive. You might quickly rip through a couple of comic books, but it’s also based on instinct.”

Hemsworth went on to say that he later met with director Kenneth Branagh, and that his brother (actor Liam Hemsworth, also known as Miley Cyrus’ current squeeze) was up for the same role.

Was competing with his flesh and blood awkward?

“No, it’s great,” he laughed, making it clear that there is no brotherly rivalry. “The majority of the time in this business, we’re sort of pinching ourselves.”

Hemsworth added that the family support goes both ways. “I’m excited for him and vice versa. Through that process, I was giving him advice on what I thought Ken wanted — and then when I was in there testing, he was doing the same.”


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