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Chris Hemsworth at G-Star Raw: No Hats, Ladies!

Chris Hemsworth — soon to play Marvel’s “Thor” — could not have turned more heads at Saturday’s G-Star Raw show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week if he were the real Norse god of thunder.

StyleList asked the Aussie actor turned comic-book superhero what he liked on a woman.

“Whatever a woman feels comfortable in is usually appealing,” he said with a smile. “That’s the main thing. They wear it better that way.”

The actor’s wife, Elsa Pataky (pictured with him), chimed in: “He likes a natural look. If he doesn’t like something, he’s very honest.”

And what accessory has he vetoed? Pataky revealed, “When I put a hat on it’s like, ‘I don’t know about the hat.'”

Hemsworth may not approve of headwear but he does enjoy a wide range of styles on women. He told StyleList, “I’m all about variety. It’s wintertime, layers and jackets and scarves are great. Then in summertime, dresses.”

The 27-year-old was clad in G-Star Raw jacket, T-shirt and jeans and was pleased with his apparel. “All of it is comfortable, it fits well and doesn’t fall apart.”

What did the Fashion Week newbie think about the momentous occasion? “So far, so good. Obviously, enough people gather from all over the world to show their pieces and it’s a very positive atmosphere and a lot of fun.”

Hemsworth was asked what was the best part of being in the big-screen adaptation of “Thor”? He told StyleList, “Look, being part of that comic-book world is pretty awesome. It’s existed for more years than I’ve been around. It’s an honor to be involved in it all.”

Really? I thought it was his character’s flowing blond locks and bright red cape.


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