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Is Chris Top Choice For “Fifty Shades of Grey” Role?

Casting fever for Fifty Shades of Grey, continues to blaze through Hollywood. Every actor under 35, is dying to play Christian, with fans hoping that Ian Somerhalder will be cast as the sexy billionaire. A new hopeful has been added to the mix, who is he? Here are the latest Fifty Shades casting rumors.

Currently, the word in Hollywood is, Chris Hemsworth, is the front runner to play Christian Grey. Of course, that hasn’t stopped other actor hopefuls to express interest.

The book, Fifty Shades of Grey, tells the story of 22-year-old recent college grad, Anastasia Steele. She enters into a dominant/submissive sexual relationship with 27-year-old sexy billionaire Christian Grey, through an “agreement,” and both explore the world of BDSM (bondage, dominance, submission, masochism).

The trilogy, which has sold over 25 million books worldwide, is guaranteed to be a blockbuster. When it comes to casting, E.L. James, thinks that Ryan Gosling should portray the naughty bad boy.

For Anastasia, who’s described as “‘a pale, brown-haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face.’ She’s clumsy and awkward but very beautiful. What actress in Hollywood does that describe? If had to choose, we would pick Katie Cassidy.

Astrologically speaking, chemistry is key for Fifty Shades of Grey. We think Christian, most likely, would be a Scorpio or Aquarius. Our vote is for Chris Hemsworth, he has the star power, and sex appeal to make the screen sizzle. For Anastasia, the jury is still out. Stay tuned.


  1. I heard Chris say in an interview that he’s not comfortable doing the nude scenes and the Sex scenes that he would have to do for that movie. So I’m not sure he would accept the role.

  2. From the moment I read Fifty Shades and saw this guy on tv I knew it had to be him. He is sexy and smart looking but also i see a vulnerability in him to be Christian.

    Please let it be him, screen test him and you will see what I mean.

  3. NOOOOO! He couln’t even get past reading 1 line from the book in an MTV interview let alone star in it. If he’s smart (and I think he is) he’ll get as far away from this book as possible. I personally think the book is pretty bad… the writing is pretty bad.

  4. I think Chris would be PERFECT for this role. He’s the only one even near the look required. Please please do it Chris!

  5. Henry Cavill, from the scenes in Henry the VIII, he would not have a problem being nude or the sex scenes.

  6. I think Chris would be perfect for the role, he has everything I saw in my minds eye whilst reading the trilogy.
    It’s a wonderful story, the sex scenes are important to the story but I think they won’t be anywhere near as detailed in a film version, it would be more hints towards rather than full on footage.

  7. Please don’t take that role, Chris…it might be good for publicity but it is not going to help your career long term and not all of us are into the nude scenes for the sake of nude scenes in a movie….we prefer to see a story with a plot and characters who are more than one dimensional. No I have not read the Fifty Shades books…I did read the Twilight series though.

  8. I think he would be wonderful .. and I have not read or heard anything about his being uncomfortable with nude scenes .. He Is Christian Grey .. as for Henry Clavil or whatever his name is .. he is going to try to be Superman .. he can have it .. and Ian way tooooo short and with one .. count them .. one expression ..

  9. Seriously, this is not a movie he wants to do if he plans to have a serious acting career. He needs to get past being typecasted as “the hunk” and if he wants that he’ll look for a script with SUBSTANCE and lets face it 50 Shades of Gray isn’t winning any pulitzer prize any time soon.

  10. Chris Hemsworth was Christian Grey in my head the moment I finished the first book. He is perfect in all ways for this part, on some weird level I feel that he is meant to play this role. He is talented and I know he can play the part with class. He has to be Christian Grey. As talented as he is, this movie will definitely have a positive impact on his career. If he doesn’t play the part, he will always be my Christian Grey in my head (please do it) lol.

  11. I have to say..I’ve read the books, and YES..I picture Chris as Christian Grey but only because PHYSICALLY..he’s like the perfect description..But I really don’t see CHris playing this part at all. HE HATES it when people bring it up to him in past interviews. & In my opinion I just think he is way to normal and a good married man to do this movie. He may get “down” with Elsa, but I just don’t see him doing in on screen, in this type of way. He’s got plenty of love scenes in his new movie “RUSH”. There’s TACTFUL and then there’s Tacky, and I just don’t see him taking on this role just because of his reactions to people saying “YOU have to be C.G.”. I liked the books but I really don’t even see the point of them making it a movie. I think Chris has a LONG career ahead of him, and I think this is a nobrainer for him.

  12. He is Christian Grey .. he can play the part with class .. does not have to be nasty or degrading or tacky for all of you who are worried lolol .. for those who are worried about his marriage .. good lord .. he is an actor as is she. He would be wonderful in the role .. I do hope he gets it .. if not .. I will most likely be saving my ten dollars ..

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