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Jaimie Alexander Talks “Thor: The Dark World”

It may not be the first film of Marvel’s Phase Two Initiative to be released, but Thor: The Dark World seems like it may be the most ambitious sequel of the current crop of post-Avengers flicks. And as much fun as it may be watching Thor (Chris Hemsworth) swing his mighty hammer against foes of every race and realm, there’s one thing that he has which his fellow Avengers lack: super-friends.

The Warriors Three may have played a secondary role in Thor, but the Asgardian trio – and Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) in particular – seem to be getting a larger part in The Dark World. According to Alexander herself, the film won’t just be upping the action quotient, but giving some insight into the relationship between Thor and Sif, and the (possibly unresolved) history they share.

In an interview with IAR, Alexander gave fans a sense of the darker tale in store for Thor and his compatriots. We know that things will be getting grimmer for Asgard and its surrounding realms, and that Dr. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) will end up as a princess of Asgard (at least for a little while). This time around, it seems the good doctor may have a bit of competition:

“It’s going to be a bit of a darker feel, and obviously a lot more action. We get to explore the different Realms a lot more and you see a lot more Asgard, and you get to know the people of Asgard. We sort of explore the Thor-Sif relationship a little bit. It’s more like getting a feel of who these people are, and the way they are with each other. It was fun for me and fun for Chris. Again, he and I are almost like brother/sister types too, so I was like ‘maybe that translates into ooh they love each other on camera.’ [laughs] We had a good time making that movie.”

She continued, “It’s always great working with new people, and Alan Taylor has brought a whole new vision to Thor. We’ve remained our own characters obviously, so there’s still that similarity between the first and second one. But there’s a darker feel to this one. A little more Gladiator-ish, a bit more viking-ish. So I’m really excited to see how it turns out.”

Thor: The Dark World hits theatres on November 8, 2013. (Source)

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