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Chris Discusses the Impersonal Nature of the ‘Avengers’ Films

Chris Hemsworth has been bringing Thor to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011 and with Thor: Ragnarok headed to theaters in November and the third and fourth Avengers installments on the horizon, Hemsworth is opening up about his one critique about filming.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Hemsworth revealed making the Avengers films has been an impersonal experience, largely because of the number of characters in the films. This impersonal nature of making the Avengers films made the experience of getting one-on-one screen time with Mark Ruffalo who plays Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok a more enjoyable situation for Hemsworth. The two characters had previously had very few interactions on screen, giving Hemsworth and Ruffalo a chance to really dig into their relationship.

“The Avengers stuff is hard because it’s not very personal. There’s seven of you in a room and you have to get across all this information that feels expositional. So it’s hard to really have a dynamic. Obviously Tony and Cap have a lot of one-on-one screen time.

I’d always felt like I don’t have that as much, and that’s when you get to really have fun. As I said, we just went for it in this, and there’s a nice kind of love-hate relationship there. A lovely kind of pairing. Very early on I was saying, “Let’s do something like Butch and Sundance and pair ‘em up and go on a road trip. There’s elements of that in there, too.”


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