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Luke Bracey Spills About Chris Hemsworth

Australian actor, Luke Bracey sat down for an interview with Marie Claire Australia and was asked about his friendship with Chris Hemsworth. Take a look below:

MC: You used to be flatmates with Chris Hemsworth. Is that right?
LB: Not flatmates but we had the same manager in the States. He lived at our manager’s house when he was starting out. And Liam [Hemsworth], his brother lived there too. I was the third person to live there. After I did Point Break he kind of shut the house and went, ‘good the house is done now; no more guests’ kind of thing. So we weren’t really flatmates but I guess we’re both part of a small little legacy that Chris started.

MC: Chris Hemsworth has done so well…
LB: All of us young blokes [in LA] trying to get into the business and get started are really proud of Chris. He’s a great bloke. He’s a hard worker, he’s super talented and I think we’re all very proud of him as an ambassador for Australia all around the world.

MC: And you’re hot on his heels…!
LB: Yeah, I’m trying. To be mentioned in the same sentence as him is pretty flattering. You know, he’s really going gangbusters. If I can follow his trail that he’s blazing, I’ll be pretty happy.


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