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“12 Strong” Critics’ Reviews

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s latest film, 12 Strong hit theatres this weekend. Directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, the movie features a fantastic cast of Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Elsa Pataky and Michael Pena. Take a look below at what the critics have to say about the film:

Rolling Stone — Producer Jerry Bruckheimer thinks big, and his war movies can range from noisy idiocy (Pearl Harbor) to near brilliant (Black Hawk Down). Luckily, 12 Strong sees the value in substance as well as spectacle. The action scenes pulsate with the hum of modern warfare. Credit Hemsworth for playing Nelson not as some Norse God out of Marvel fantasy (that’s his day job) but as a man of courage forced to improvise on his feet or die trying. The rest of the cast also perform beyond the call of escapist duty.

Globe and Mail — 12 Strong suffers badly from a script stuffed with clichéd dialogue and some heavy-handed scenes on both the home front and in Afghanistan. Still, director Nicolai Fuglsig does succeed admirably in turning a contemporary battle fought with precision air strikes and satellite communications into a classic war movie with unambiguous good guys and a vile enemy. Put aside your hindsight and at least you’ll be rewarded with some invigorating action.

Variety — “12 Strong” is a war film that wants you to feel good about the invincibility of American power. The film is built like a grungy combat video game, with each village treated like a new level and the agony of battle taking a backseat to the pounding thrill of force. Visually, the terrain comes close to raising an existential question: What, exactly, are we fighting for in Afghanistan? The film slips in the pointed and now rather outdated argument that if the Taliban can be defeated, and Afghanistan eliminated as an Al Qaeda base, then there will be no more attacks like 9/11. Well, there haven’t been…but is that the reason why?

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