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Tourism Australia “Dundee” Super Bowl Commercial

The ambitious plan to take Australia to the Super Bowl began over dinner at a Sydney pizzeria this time last year — but could serve tourism operators close to $6 billion in US travel business by 2020.

The mock Crocodile Dundee trailer — teased to viewers before the NFL blockbuster — proved to be the stunning launch of Tourism Australia’s biggest single advertising campaign into America since Paul Hogan fronted the Come Say G’Day ads over 30 years ago.

An all-star cast of Australia’s most popular showbiz exports — lead by Thor star Chris Hemsworth and featuring cameos by Oscar nominee Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman — featured in the 60-second spot, which aired to an estimated audience of 110 million people during the Super Bowl showdown between New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Hemsworth, a Tourism Australia ambassador, will also feature in the rollout of an extended $36 million marketing campaign, alongside actor Danny McBride who appeared in the commercial as Mick Dundee’s long lost son. Take a look at the trailer below:

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