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“Men In Black International” Critics Review

The Men In Black reboot, Men In Black International hits theatres this weekend. Take a look at what the critics had to say about the sci-fi film:

Rolling Stone — Though the film feels born to be mild, there are still pleasures to be had. The effervescent biplay between Hemsworth and Thompson keeps us happily in the game. Whatever Men in Black: International lacks in originality and oomph, this pair of livewires make it all go down easy.

Empire — Coming seven years after the humourless MIB3 and blessed with neither of its stars, Men In Black: International arrives as possibly the least essential film of the summer. And yet, despite a throwaway story and slightly indulgent runtime, H&M prove surprisingly engaging company.

Variety — In terms of basic execution, “Men in Black: International” is a mess, and if the film were being graded purely for technique, it barely passes muster. As he proved in 2016’s “Ghostbusters” reboot, Chris Hemsworth has a natural comic talent that’s been under-exploited in most of his work.