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Would Chris Slim Down For a Role?

While Chris Hemsworth had no problem piling on more than 20lbs worth of muscle for his latest role as comic-book warrior Thor – he admits that slimming down would be a different story altogether.

Chatting to MTV Australia at the world premiere of the 3D flick in Sydney, the Aussie heartthrob, who underwent a grueling workout regime to bulk up his new biceps, said,

“I don’t mind sort of losing healthy weight, but if it gets to the point where I’m putting myself at risk, then I think ‘maybe I’ll sit that one out.’ I like food, I like eating. I’d rather that stretch of it than starving myself that’s for sure.”

Describing the on-screen chemistry between the former soapstar and the Oscar winner, who plays Thor’s love interest Jane Foster, the film’s director Kenneth Branagh told us,

“There’s spontaneity in their scenes together, they had a shared sense of humour, they surprised each other and they improvised a bit. There was just a really great, natural kind of bonding…but it had a few sparks to it. They admired each other a lot, and they brought that to it.”


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Chris Discusses His “Thor” Preparations

Chris Hemsworth is a big, brawny guy from Australia with a passion for surfing and a bit of boxing experience — but how did he find the physicality of a thunder god? That was a key challenge for the 27-year-old actor, who said he studied fight footage of Mike Tyson and worked with a movement specialist to find the proper way to swing a magic hammer.

“It’s hard to know where to start when you come in and you get the hammer handed to you,” Hemsworth said, adding that he didn’t want to come off as a lumberjack or an ax murderer onscreen. ”I was working on Red Dawn and talked to Tom Cruise [whose son Connor is in the movie] and he asked me, ‘Have you been doing sword-fight training and all of that to get ready [for ‘Thor’]?’ — he has an interest after The Last Samurai — and I said, ‘No, I haven’t, because it’s not really a sword, it’s a hammer.’ We talked about how odd that is.”

Mjolnir, the blunt-faced stone hammer of Thor, is an artifact of galactic power but, well, it’s not the most graceful of weapons when you first see it. In the film the actor does a credible job, to say the least, as he swings, slings, twirls and brandishes the hammers that were crafted to evoke the magic mallet as envisioned in the pages of Marvel Comics. There were more than 150 different versions created for the production, some quite heavy and detail-rich, others little more than a blocky bit of foam used for onscreen smiting.

“It’s not the most practical thing, when you first come to it, to think of a giant, flat hammer as a weapon,” Hemsworth said. “Realistically, it wouldn’t be weighted right for anyone to use it if the handle was only so long. So the main thing coming in was to make the hammer an extension of Thor. We had to develop a style of movement that was singular, really, to this character. We looked at Mike Tyson and that very low, powerful, very aggressive stance — a big-shoulder, big-hip stance that suggests coiled strength. We had a movement guy come in too, a guy named Paradox Pollack, and we worked together a lot.”

Pollack helped Hemsworth view Mjolnir as something more than a heavy possession or even a treasured totem.

“I met him on Star Trek,” Hemsworth said of Pollack. “He was teaching all the people who were playing aliens how to move around. How do you get that job? He’s a fascinating guy. He’s got a circus background and acrobatics and he was a real help. He came in on this and he had read every ‘Thor’ comic book and he had a lot to show me about the hands and postures and these poses that evoke the comic book character and then how, as an actor, you could do some of those things to put it on the screen. He had this idea too of this electricity, this energy, that’s surrounding Thor. There’s an aura of thunder and lighting and energy around him, and if you start with that, then there’s a way you can move that kind of fits with that. And it affects the relation to everybody else, the way he interacts; if this exists and it extends to out here then you wouldn’t stand that close to a 9-foot monster. It was all very helpful to me.”


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Remember Little Darth? Meet Little Thor.

Sure, the film stars an Oscar winner (Natalie Portman) and features a titular hero who isn’t averse to going shirtless (Chris Hemsworth), but what if that isn’t enough to get you in the theater?

Enter Little Thor.

In this Thor-sponsored spoof of the popular Volkswagen “The Force” commercial, Little Thor is having the same issues the wee Dark Lord encountered. He just can’t seem to wield the power of his trusty hammer. What’s a superhero to do when his mojo seems to have been all but zapped? Wait for dad and his shiny new car to come home, naturally. Only this time, in a nice twist, it looks like more than just the remote-controlled locks were activated.

So who’s the mightiest marketer of them all? Have to say, this definitely got us even more excited for the movie to finally hit theaters. Take a look at the “Little Thor” ad below. (Source)

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Kenneth Branagh Builds Excitement For “Thor”

Director Kenneth Branagh continued to build excitement for his upcoming Marvel superhero movie Thor via an interview with The Los Angeles Times.

While Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard, lead hero Chris Hemsworth and female lead Natalie Portman all talked about their great experiences working with Branagh, it’s the insights from the 51-year-old Irish filmmaker and actor that generated the most excitement about the first of numerous summer superhero movies to hit theaters.

Branagh told The Los Angeles Times that what sets Thor apart from others is its mix of “antiquity and popcorn movie.”

“Gods amongst men is a well-traveled path in drama and storytelling, and it can yield dramatic, romantic and comic tension,” Branagh said. “We are presented here with this dynastic drama and all of the energy and imagination from the comic books. For us, story is above all and the creation of these two worlds – our earth and Asgard – and presenting a ripping adventure. If you have a strong story or even a great story – I hope and believe that we can reveal that – the special effects and all the rest are layers that add to it.”


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“Aussies Make Good Heroes”

Kenneth Branagh has revealed that he thinks Australian men make good action heroes. The Thor director, who cast Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth in the title role of the comic book movie, said that he thinks men from the country are more grounded and less concerned with how they are being perceived by women.

Branagh told The Daily Telegraph: “They are not perplexed in the same way as some European males are about what else they should be, should they be a bit more soft and fuzzy or a bit more intellectual or whatever else they imagine women might want them to be.

“Chris has that sense of knowing himself a bit more, being at ease with being a bloke, but that not being an aggressive thing. He has that easy camaraderie, but he’s also got all the other things a superhero has got to have – a great big gorgeous God body, a twinkle in his eye and Natalie Portman in his life.”

Hemsworth recently revealed that playing Thor is an “absolute dream”. He has also said that he found Sir Anthony Hopkins “inspiring” to work with.

Thor is out now in Australia. It is released on April 27 in the UK and the US. (Source)

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Chris Talks About Intimate “Thor” Scenes

The mighty Thor is the next Marvel Comics superhero to hit the big screen, and Aussie star Chris Hemsworth details the amusing reality behind his intimate scenes with co-star Natalie Portman!

“The intimate stuff, you have to laugh at it,” the newlywed Chris tells our own Samantha Harris. “On one hand there’s an intimacy, but you’re also in front of 50 people and there’s some cameras pointing at you, so it’s kind of not intimate.”

Chris says he congratulated Natalie on her Black Swan Best Actress win on Oscar night, and has true confidence in her upcoming real-life role as a first-time mother. “She’ll be incredible,” he says. “She’s wanted to have kids, I’m sure, for a long time, and is a lovely, caring human being and ticks all the boxes, so she’ll be great.”

In theaters May 6, ‘Thor’ finds the arrogant Norse warrior forced to live among humans as punishment after reigniting an ancient war in his world. His true mettle is put to the test when a villainous foe sends dark forces from the realm of Asgard to invade Earth. The Kenneth Branagh-directed movie features Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgard, Colm Feore, Idris Elba, Kat Dennings, Clark Gregg and Rene Russo.

Chris says that despite the intimidating pedigree of some of his co-stars and director, he felt quite comfortable in his work environment: “My voice and opinion mattered and it was a very collaborative, fun set to be on,” he offers. He admits that the workouts and diet required to bulk up for the character were not as fun, however.

“That has been the most strenuous and exhausting part of all, to be honest; the workouts are fun in moments, but sixth, seventh day that week, after 16 hours of other work, it’s tough,” he explains. “And the eating, the amounts of protein and food I have to consume to sort of keep the weight on, was a feat in itself. … All the fun stuff — pizza and hamburgers and anything that tasted good — was off the list; it all became about plain, dry chicken breast and steak and fish and vegetables and fruit. Look, it’s great, it’s healthy food, but after a while it gets a bit mundane.”

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Chris Covers “Men’s Health” Magazine

Just Jared posted Chris Hemsworth showing off his guns on the cover of Men’s Health magazine’s May 2011 issue. Here’s what the 27-year-old Thor actor had to share:

On his role models, including Anthony Hopkins: “Anthony Hopkins. His whole approach to this business, his work ethic and attitude on set was inspiring, however many films down the track he still has that and he still is excited to be there and treats everyone as equals and everything he does, he is an impressive person. I love Paul Giamatti, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino and Matt Damon, ya know, I could go on and on.”

On fearlessly searching caves in Australia as a kid: “We built wooden swords and hammered nails into them, and we checked out the cave. My friends and I were convinced we’d meet some ghosts and devils.”

On why he loves being an actor: “I always loved film, but never thought about it as a career choice. I had a different idea of what I wanted to do professionally every week. You know, I was a lawyer one week, a doctor, a sportsman in some way, and then I found out I can pretend to do all those things in acting.”

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“Anthony Hopkins Inspires Me” Says Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has said that he looks up to his Thor co-star Sir Anthony Hopkins as a role model. Hemsworth, who plays the titular superhero in the upcoming comic book adaptation, told Men’s Health magazine that the 1991 ‘Best Actor’ Academy Award winner embodies everything that he strives to become.

“His whole approach to this business, his work ethic and attitude on set was inspiring,” the Australian actor said. “However many films down the track, he still has that [ethic] and he still is excited to be there and treats everyone as equals… He is an impressive person.”

On other actors he respects, the actor added: “I love Paul Giamatti, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino and Matt Damon, you know, I could go on and on.”

Hemsworth also revealed that he never had aspirations of pursuing acting as a career during his formative years.

“I always loved film, but never thought about it as a career choice,” he added. “I had a different idea of what I wanted to do professionally every week. You know, I was a lawyer one week, a doctor, a sportsman in some way, and then I found out I can pretend to do all those things in acting.”

The star professed earlier this week that landing the lead role in Thor was a “dream” come true. Thor opens on April 27 in the UK and will be released in the US on May 6. (Source)

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“The Avengers” to Begin Filming Next Week

You’ve got to admire Marvel for attempting what hasn’t really been done before. Sure we’ve had superhero flicks with multiple villains and sidekicks but never a proper famous bunch of comic book heroes (we’ll forget Mystery Men) on screen before and all fighting the good fight.

The Avengers is a tantalising prospect and the fact Joss Whedon is directing just makes so damn cool. Whedon told the NY Times that everything is good to go on the project and it’ll start shooting next week:

“We’re just a hardscrabble bunch. Guerrilla film-making. I start production a week from Monday. I’m going to get started on the script now. Apparently that’s a thing. I don’t get it. Improv stunts are always way more exciting-looking.”

We don’t know much about the film’s content or storyline. Mark Ruffalo is playing Bruce Banner after Edward Norton had a very public spat with Kevin Feige last year. Ruffalo, being a tremendous actor, will no doubt bring a great performance to the table. And maybe Whedon can find a way of making The Hulk a bit more interesting and complex.

Joining Ruffalo is Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Chris Evan as Captain America, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. Marvel have been setting The Avengers up ever since Iron Man. Tony Stark is also getting an outing in 2013 in Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. The age of the superhero is most definitely now.

The Avengers will be released in 2012. (Source)

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“Thor” Secret Scene After Credits?

As most of you know, the Marvel movies have made it a habit to have a not so “secret” scene that gives us a hint at what to expect in the upcoming movies and usually includes some sort of cameo. It seems like this time it includes Samuel L. Jackson.

Here are the details from Latino Review and please keep in mind the info comes from a site called Movie Stinger and we have not been able to confirm the details, but here you go:

“We see Dr. Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) meeting with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who is standing in front of a table with a large metal case on it.

They discuss the latest discoveries that Selvig and his team have made in relation to alternate universes and Fury asks for his advice in regards to the contents of the case: the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube. When Selvig asks what is it, Fury responds that it is a source of immense power. The camera pans back to Selvig, and a reflection reveals that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is in fact now possessing Selvig.

Loki/Selvig responds, ‘That’s very interesting…’”