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2013 Saturn Awards Winners List

Winners of The Saturn Awards were announced. The award ceremony was held at the Castaway Event Center’s Starlight Ballroom in Burbank. The awards were presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, honoring genre entertainment released between Feb. 1, 2012, and Feb. 11, 2013.

Best Science Fiction Film:
“The Avengers”

Best Horror/Thriller Film:
“The Cabin in the Woods”

Best Supporting Actor:
Clark Gregg (“The Avengers”)

Best Director:
Joss Whedon (“The Avengers”)

Best Special Effects:
Janek Sirrs, Jeff White, Guy Williams, Dan Sudick (“The Avengers”)

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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2013 Nominations

Earlier today, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2013 announced their annual nominations. To our delight, two of Chris’ films received nominations! The winners will be announced Thursday, January 10th. Take a look below:

Best Action Film
“The Avengers”

Best Actor in an Action Film
Robert Downey Jr. – “The Avengers”

Best Sci-Fi/Horror Film
“The Cabin in the Woods”

View the Complete List of Nominees:

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“The Cabin in the Woods” Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures from the highly praised horror film, The Cabin in the Woods into the gallery. The Cabin in the Woods is now available on DVD and Blu-ray – and it is definitely worth checking out! Please be advised the gallery contains spoilers so view at your own risk … it is definitely one of those films the less you know about it, the better! Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Film Productions > The Cabin in the Woods (2012) > Screen Captures

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Fran Kranz Wants to Be Killed By Thor

Although, Cabin in the Woods isn’t based on a comic book, it is nonetheless the film where one of the greatest comic book movie alliances was born: producer Joss Whedon and star Chris Hemsworth, who would, of course, go on from this horror romp to blow the world away with The Avengers.

But there’s another “Cabin” player that could one day rise to superheroic heights: Fran Kranz, already a Whedon veteran from his days on Dollhouse. Ask him which Marvel character he wants to play, and the answer is simple — just a random dude who gets annihilated by Thor.

“I told Joss when he was doing ‘Avengers,’ because I did ‘Cabin In The Woods’ with Chris Hemsworth and I love that guy, I just told him, ‘Can I be in it and just be someone Thor kills?'” Kranz told our Weekly Whedon columnist Tami Katzoff in a recent interview. “‘Like I just want to be killed by Thor, for a day, I’ll be in and out. ‘You don’t have to pay me, no credit, I just want the satisfaction of knowing that I was hit with Thor’s hammer.'”


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“The Cabin in the Woods” Blu-ray Disc Trailer

Lionsgate has released a trailer for The Cabin in the Woods starring Richard Jenkins, Jesse Williams and Chris Hemsworth on Blu-ray and DVD, arriving in stores on September 18. The home video trailer plays just like a theatrical trailer with an inserted promotional screen here or there. No sneak peeks at the bonus features or anything along those lines are present.

I will recommend that anyone wanting to see The Cabin in the Woods knowing as little as possible about the plot from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard should avoid the trailer. There are plot spoilers present, especially in the trailer’s second half. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN SPOILER FREE.

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“The Cabin in the Woods” DVD/Blu-ray Release Information

Great news horror fans! The Cabin in the Woods will be released on DVD and Blu-ray disc, September 18th! Written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, and directed by Goddard, the film stars Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford.

No information regarding what (if any) special features will be included on the DVD/Blu-ray. Stay tuned for additional information.

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Clip From “The Cabin in the Woods” Released

Lionsgate has released a new clip from director Drew Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods, which makes its highly-anticipated debut in theaters April 13. Chris Hemsworth, Jesse Williams, Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly, and Anna Hutchison star as a group of friends heading up to a remote cabin for the weekend. Watch as their trip gets off to a rocky start when they bump into a surly gas station attendant. Check out the clip below: