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Rest In Peace Don Payne

It has sadly been announced that Don Payne, the writer of films Thor and Thor: The Dark World, has passed away at the age of 48 after a battle with bone cancer.

“My heart is broken. You were a wonderful, funny man who helped change my life and I will always love you. The world is less today. Don, may you rest in peace and may peace and love be with your family. You are in my heart always,” Chris‘ co-star Jaimie Alexander tweeted.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Don‘s family at this difficult time.

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Chris Compares “Avengers” Fans to “Twilight” Fans

Chris Hemsworth was named the “Man of the Year” by Empire Magazine and he has an interview to go along with his title. During the interview, the interviewer asked Chris if he thought Thor and The Avengers will ever bring him the kind of ‘stratospheric fame’ that Twilight bought Kristen Stewart.

Take a look below on Chris’ response:

“Um… I think it’s a different sort of fame. With the utmost respect, Twilight’s is certainly a teen audience, and there was such, um… It’s that sort of, ah, what’s the word? Sort of hysterical kind of fan base, you know? Whereas Avengers is across all ages and people just love the films – all the Marvel films – and it’s a little different from what she experiences.”


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New “Thor” Deleted Scene Released

At the end of Thor, our favorite Asgardian (Chris Hemsworth) was left wondering about Jane (Natalie Portman), whom he couldn’t visit because the rainbow bridge that allowed him to travel between worlds had been decimated. Jane herself allegedly tried to contact Thor from Earth, as is laid out on this suddenly unburied clip from 2011.

The good folks at Marvel have decided to include this previously hidden scene as part of the massive Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: Phase One collection that will be in stores next April. In addition to all of the origin stories (and The Avengers), the set will include several teasers to movies that are going to be part of Phase Two, including sequels in the Iron Man, Captain America and Thor franchises. Before we look too far ahead, let’s take another look back at a scene that could have popped up at the end of Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, but didn’t:


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‘Thor” Press Shoot Add-Ons!

Another big thank you to my friend, Luciana for sending these to me! I’ve added some additional images of Chris from 2011 into the gallery. These gorgeous add-ons come from the Thor promotional tour! Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Photoshoots > 2011 – “Thor” Press Shoot

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People’s Choice Awards 2012 Airs Tonight!

Hosted by Kaley Cuoco, the People’s Choice Awards 2012 air live tonight! Chris has been nominated for his work in the film, Thor! We wish Chris and everyone involved with the film good luck! Check your local listings for channel and air times.

Favourite Action Movie
“Thor” (2011)

Favourite Movie Superhero
Chris Hemsworth – “Thor” (2011)

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“Thor” Was The Most Tweeted Film in 2011

Marvel Studios’ Thor managed to knock out its comic book-based movie competition — Green Lantern, Cowboys and Aliens, X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger at the box office this summer, but it failed to beat Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 as the movie of the summer and is only eighth highest grossing movie of the year.

However, according to Twitter’s 2011 Year in Review, Thor conquered all challengers to take the “Hot Topics” title of most tweeted movie of the year. Chris Hemsworth failed to crack the top ten list of most tweeted actors of 2011, but the actress who played his love interest in Thor, Natalie Portman, came in at #5.

The Most Tweeted Movies:
1. Thor
2. The Dark Knight Rises
3. X-Men: First Class
4. Fast Five
5. The Green Hornet