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The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Last night, Chris was a guest on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Chris spoke about growing up in the Outback, acting role in Aussie soap Home and Away, Thor and Rene Russo’s attraction to him. Take a look below! Also, my friend Jess sent some gorgeous photos of Chris from last night’s interview!

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Upcoming Television Appearances!

Chris has a couple busy days ahead of himself … he is set to appear on not one, but two late night talk shows! Here is the talk show schedule for Chris – check your local listings for channels and air times! Chris will be on both shows to promote Thor.

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC)

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC)

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Watch the “Thor” Premiere Live!

Thor is bringing the hammer down tonight for the film’s red carpet premiere in Hollywood, and you can watch it live here on EW via, with host Isaiah “Old Spice Guy” Mustafa speaking with stars Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Kat Dennings, Rene Russo, Idris Elba, Clark Gregg, and director Kenneth Branagh, as well as Hemsworth’s brother Liam, and his future costar in The Avengers Jeremy Renner — who also appears in Thor in a quick cameo as Marvel hero Hawkeye.

So what will Mustafa be asking?
“I tend to be more of an off-the-cuff type of person,” he tells EW, “rather than scripted questions…. I’m sure they’re going to have all kinds of fun stories for me.” So the famously buff Old Spice spokesman won’t be asking Hemsworth about his fitness regimen for the film? “He’s a big guy,” Mustafa laughs. “I’ve met him before. He has a brother also who’s just as big as he is. I think big dudeness just runs in their family.”

Watch the “Thor” premiere Live:

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Chris Has His Mom To Thank For “Thor” Role

When Chris Hemsworth becomes a huge movie star following Friday’s release of Thor, as most of the early reviews suggest he will, the actor will have his mother to thank. And not in the usual “I-appreciate-your-giving-birth-to-me kind of way,” but more in a “you-saved-my-audition type of way.”

The 27-year-old Aussie was originally rejected when he tried out for the role of the titular character in the superhero epic. Strangely enough, Chris’ younger brother, Liam, also an actor, ended up as one of the handful of finalists that Marvel Studios was considering. When he and the other candidates — who reportedly included wrestler Triple H and Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy — failed to make the cut, studio execs and director Kenneth Branagh decided to give Chris another look.

“I think I didn’t do too well in my first audition, and my brother was able to get in there and represent [for the family] in a better fashion,” Chris Hemsworth tells The Post. “When it didn’t go Liam’s way, my manager said, ‘He has an older brother.’ I sent another tape in, and I had a bit of motivation this time, in that they invited my younger brother in but not me. That was fuel for me doing better.”

Hemsworth’s new two-minute audition reel was shot quickly in a Vancouver hotel room, and it co-starred someone even more unknown stateside than Chris: his mother, Leonie. The two acted out a mock scene from “Thor,” in which the hero argues with his father, Odin. The Norse Allfather and king of the mystical realm of Asgard is played by Anthony Hopkins in the actual movie, but in this case, Mrs. Hemsworth graciously stepped in.

“It was a rather heated back-and-forth scene, and it was very funny to have my mom there playing the Anthony Hopkins character, the king of the nine realms,” Hemsworth says.

The subsequent audition process also required Hemsworth to perform stunt routines for the camera, including a fight scene involving Thor’s magical stone hammer, Mjolnir.

“There was the twirling of the hammer and spins and all that,” Hemsworth says. “It was not in my repertoire of skills.”

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Chris Excited For On-Screen Brother to Join “Avengers”

All of MTV News’ recent interactions with Chris Hemsworth, a.k.a. the man about to grace movie screens as the God of Thunder in Thor, have naturally been very focused on the highly anticipated film and all the nerdy details that come with portraying a comic book superhero.

We love everything “Thor,” of course, but since the Norseman will also be appearing in the possibly even more anticipated and mysterious “Avengers” movie, we can’t help but pester everyone in the high-profile cast about the film, which just started production.

So when MTV caught up with Hemsworth recently to expand on our ever-growing database of “Thor” information, we prodded the Aussie for some Avengers details. Although he couldn’t give us much, he seemed excited that his onscreen brother Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) will be joining him on set, as well as the potential for a superhero smackdown.

“[It’s great] to have my brother there. Even if we don’t get along,” Hemsworth joked. “[Hiddleston] is fantastic. [He gave] an incredible, incredible performance in the film, and he’s going to do the same in this one.”

With regard to how all those superheroes will be interacting, particularly Tony Stark, Hemsworth said the environment will be tense.

“There’s certainly some tension. You’ve got big egos on these superheroes,” he said. “None of them want to be told what to do or form an alliance with these people who they don’t understand anything about,” he said. “In the comic books, you see that it’s not an easy mix; that’s definitely in [the movie].”

When asked if we’ll see the ensemble cast (Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Hemsworth and Hiddleston) come to blows, Hemsworth surprised us with an answer in the affirmative.

“Well, you’d want it, wouldn’t you? Otherwise, why are we all there? I think it would be safe to say you can expect something like that,” he said.


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“Thor” Cinema Society Screening

Chris attended the Cinema Society screening of the Marvel film Thor in New York City yesterday. Chris was photographed with Susan Sarandon, Sebastian Stan and director, Kenneth Branagh. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

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Would Chris Slim Down For a Role?

While Chris Hemsworth had no problem piling on more than 20lbs worth of muscle for his latest role as comic-book warrior Thor – he admits that slimming down would be a different story altogether.

Chatting to MTV Australia at the world premiere of the 3D flick in Sydney, the Aussie heartthrob, who underwent a grueling workout regime to bulk up his new biceps, said,

“I don’t mind sort of losing healthy weight, but if it gets to the point where I’m putting myself at risk, then I think ‘maybe I’ll sit that one out.’ I like food, I like eating. I’d rather that stretch of it than starving myself that’s for sure.”

Describing the on-screen chemistry between the former soapstar and the Oscar winner, who plays Thor’s love interest Jane Foster, the film’s director Kenneth Branagh told us,

“There’s spontaneity in their scenes together, they had a shared sense of humour, they surprised each other and they improvised a bit. There was just a really great, natural kind of bonding…but it had a few sparks to it. They admired each other a lot, and they brought that to it.”


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Chris Discusses His “Thor” Preparations

Chris Hemsworth is a big, brawny guy from Australia with a passion for surfing and a bit of boxing experience — but how did he find the physicality of a thunder god? That was a key challenge for the 27-year-old actor, who said he studied fight footage of Mike Tyson and worked with a movement specialist to find the proper way to swing a magic hammer.

“It’s hard to know where to start when you come in and you get the hammer handed to you,” Hemsworth said, adding that he didn’t want to come off as a lumberjack or an ax murderer onscreen. ”I was working on Red Dawn and talked to Tom Cruise [whose son Connor is in the movie] and he asked me, ‘Have you been doing sword-fight training and all of that to get ready [for ‘Thor’]?’ — he has an interest after The Last Samurai — and I said, ‘No, I haven’t, because it’s not really a sword, it’s a hammer.’ We talked about how odd that is.”

Mjolnir, the blunt-faced stone hammer of Thor, is an artifact of galactic power but, well, it’s not the most graceful of weapons when you first see it. In the film the actor does a credible job, to say the least, as he swings, slings, twirls and brandishes the hammers that were crafted to evoke the magic mallet as envisioned in the pages of Marvel Comics. There were more than 150 different versions created for the production, some quite heavy and detail-rich, others little more than a blocky bit of foam used for onscreen smiting.

“It’s not the most practical thing, when you first come to it, to think of a giant, flat hammer as a weapon,” Hemsworth said. “Realistically, it wouldn’t be weighted right for anyone to use it if the handle was only so long. So the main thing coming in was to make the hammer an extension of Thor. We had to develop a style of movement that was singular, really, to this character. We looked at Mike Tyson and that very low, powerful, very aggressive stance — a big-shoulder, big-hip stance that suggests coiled strength. We had a movement guy come in too, a guy named Paradox Pollack, and we worked together a lot.”

Pollack helped Hemsworth view Mjolnir as something more than a heavy possession or even a treasured totem.

“I met him on Star Trek,” Hemsworth said of Pollack. “He was teaching all the people who were playing aliens how to move around. How do you get that job? He’s a fascinating guy. He’s got a circus background and acrobatics and he was a real help. He came in on this and he had read every ‘Thor’ comic book and he had a lot to show me about the hands and postures and these poses that evoke the comic book character and then how, as an actor, you could do some of those things to put it on the screen. He had this idea too of this electricity, this energy, that’s surrounding Thor. There’s an aura of thunder and lighting and energy around him, and if you start with that, then there’s a way you can move that kind of fits with that. And it affects the relation to everybody else, the way he interacts; if this exists and it extends to out here then you wouldn’t stand that close to a 9-foot monster. It was all very helpful to me.”


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Remember Little Darth? Meet Little Thor.

Sure, the film stars an Oscar winner (Natalie Portman) and features a titular hero who isn’t averse to going shirtless (Chris Hemsworth), but what if that isn’t enough to get you in the theater?

Enter Little Thor.

In this Thor-sponsored spoof of the popular Volkswagen “The Force” commercial, Little Thor is having the same issues the wee Dark Lord encountered. He just can’t seem to wield the power of his trusty hammer. What’s a superhero to do when his mojo seems to have been all but zapped? Wait for dad and his shiny new car to come home, naturally. Only this time, in a nice twist, it looks like more than just the remote-controlled locks were activated.

So who’s the mightiest marketer of them all? Have to say, this definitely got us even more excited for the movie to finally hit theaters. Take a look at the “Little Thor” ad below. (Source)

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Kenneth Branagh Builds Excitement For “Thor”

Director Kenneth Branagh continued to build excitement for his upcoming Marvel superhero movie Thor via an interview with The Los Angeles Times.

While Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard, lead hero Chris Hemsworth and female lead Natalie Portman all talked about their great experiences working with Branagh, it’s the insights from the 51-year-old Irish filmmaker and actor that generated the most excitement about the first of numerous summer superhero movies to hit theaters.

Branagh told The Los Angeles Times that what sets Thor apart from others is its mix of “antiquity and popcorn movie.”

“Gods amongst men is a well-traveled path in drama and storytelling, and it can yield dramatic, romantic and comic tension,” Branagh said. “We are presented here with this dynastic drama and all of the energy and imagination from the comic books. For us, story is above all and the creation of these two worlds – our earth and Asgard – and presenting a ripping adventure. If you have a strong story or even a great story – I hope and believe that we can reveal that – the special effects and all the rest are layers that add to it.”