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New Thor Poster

The gallery has been updated with the new official Thor poster featuring Chris. I really like it, but from many of the comments I’ve read online it doesn’t appear that many others care for it. What do you guys think?

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Home and Away 4400-4452 screencaps

Screencaps of the following episodes have been added to the gallery. This looks to be the last round of episode screencaps, but there are still lots of additional Home and Away goodies to be added in the future including promos, stills, behind the scenes photos and more. Thanks again to Trish for all the amazing help.

Episode 4400
Episode 4401
Episode 4402
Episode 4408
Episode 4409
Episode 4412
Episode 4413
Episode 4419
Episode 4420
Episode 4423
Episode 4424
Episode 4427
Episode 4428
Episode 4429
Episode 4432
Episode 4433
Episode 4437
Episode 4438
Episode 4439
Episode 4444
Episode 4445
Episode 4446
Episode 4449
Episode 4450
Episode 4451
Episode 4452