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Dancing with the Stars & Dancing with the Deals photos

I’ve just updated the gallery with the following new photos of Chris on Series 5 of both Dancing with the Stars and Dancing with the Deals. Thanks again to Ida for some of the photos. 🙂

Dancing with the Deals (2006)

Dancing with the Stars (2006)
2006 09 26 – Opening Night
2006 11 28 – Finals

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Home and Away 3732 and 4111-4113 screencaps

The gallery has been updated with the following new screencaps. A big thank you to Ida and Trish again for all their help. 🙂

Episode 3732
Episode 4111
Episode 4112
Episode 4113

I also set up a Twitter account for the site if you’d like to follow the site’s updates. We are at and please feel free and help spread the word.

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Huge photo update

I’ve updated the gallery with tons of new photos over the past week or so, but haven’t had a chance to do a proper update until now. Below is a list and links of all of the new additions.

A huge “thank you” goes out to Trish for helping with the screencaps and to Ida for sending me tons of photos and some great links as well. They’re total dolls and I can’t thank either of them enough for all of their help. Look for many more of their contributions to be added very soon. 🙂

If anyone else has any photos, scans, videos, fan art, etc. that you’d like to contribute to the site, please email it to and I’ll add it to the site with proper credit.
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Home and Away episode 3677 screencaps

Screencaps of Chris’ performance in episode 3677 of Home and Away have been added to the gallery. More screencaps will be added soon, but please bear with the random order they will be added because I’ve only found certain episodes so far and will be capping as I go. I’ll also be adding stills and promos soon as well.