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‘Thor’ Star Chris Hemsworth Felt ‘Naked’ Without His Hammer

They say that the clothes make the man, but in playing Thor, the clothes aren’t enough for actor Chris Hemsworth. He also needs a hammer.

Hemsworth stars in the title role of director Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor,” the upcoming adaptation of the thunder-cracking Marvel Comics character. Naturally, every superhero features an iconic accessory — Captain America has his star-spangled shield, for instance, while Iron Man has his sophisticated suits of high-tech armor — and in Thor’s case, he’s got the mighty hammer Mjolnir at his disposal.

“There’s a few different versions [of the hammer] for the shots — the close-ups, the stunt one,” Hemsworth told MTV News during San Diego Comic-Con of his character’s weapon of choice. “But the main one was a very heavy, beautifully polished, metal, wood-looking thing. It was an incredible thing.”
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Chris Hemsworth was named one of Australians in Film’s Breakthrough Award winners at the May 2010 ceremony in Hollywood. Hemsworth’s career is skyrocketing, and with a starring role in ‘Thor,’ his popularity in the US is growing by leaps and bounds.

Transcript: Chris Hemsworth Thor Interview
Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the Australians in Film 6th Annual Breakthrough Awards Red Carpet.

The costume looks amazing. How did it look when you first tried it on? What did you think?

Chris Hemsworth: “Oh, it was crazy. I remember the first camera test and putting it on and going, ‘Oh my god,’ and then everyone who came and looked at it was like, ‘Wow, this is a monumental sort of moment.’ And standing in it was a very odd experience, you know? But it was beautiful. I mean, Alex Byrne designed the costume and they spent I think almost two years kind of leading up and building that thing and setting it up. It really paid off. The thing is incredible. It’s not very comfortable, but…”
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Chris Hemsworth Describes His ‘Impressive’ Costume For ‘Thor’

Filming for “Thor” is still underway, but star Chris Hemsworth offered up some hints about the look he’ll be sporting when he brings Marvel’s god of thunder to the big screen in May 2011.
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