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Alloy Interview with Chris Hemsworth

Hey, Trekkies! We’ve got a special treat for you. We sat down and talked to THE Captain Kirk (Sr.), Chris Hemsworth, for all the nerdy behind the scenes secrets of Star Trek. The Aussie told us all about being on set, playing a legendary character and his past soap opera life he left behind. Get more details on Chris now!

Were you a fan of Star Trek before you were cast in the film?
No not really. It was something I knew about and appreciated because it’s been around for so long. You kind of see it whether or not you’re an avid fan. I think it’s such a great idea to take a fresh look but still pay homage to the original stuff but open it up to a wider audience.
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Chris Hemsworth auditioned against kid brother for Thor part

Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth, 25, had to go up against his younger brother Liam for the part of Thor.

Hemsworth has caused an industry stir by scoring roles in two blockbusters, the upcoming Thor (a.k.a The Mighty Thor) and Star Trek, where he played Captain Kirk’s father.

Hemsworth’s appearances in local TV series Home and Away were still being recorded as recently as this year. The series has been a launch pad into Hollywood for several Australians.

The Thor role, however, only came after James Bond star Daniel Craig, pictured, knocked it back.

Another Hemsworth brother, Luke, is also an actor, known in Australia for such TV drama series as Neighbours and All Saints.

Chris Hemsworth moved to Los Angeles just two years ago and was reported to be living in the guesthouse of his Hollywood agent, William Ward.

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Details On ‘Thor’ From Writer

This week we were lucky enough to talk to Thor writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. . Today Ashley Miller talks about his other projects and of course Thor and I think you will be happy with the answers.


Lately you have mainly been involved with writing for Television(Sarah Connor Chronicles and now Fringe), how did you become involved in the writing of Thor?

AM-We were in the right place at the right time. Marvel needed a writer (or team, in our case) with a very particular set of skills and experience. Obviously they wanted to work with people who’d done features before, which we had. They were also very interested in people who know how to collaborate, and could turn drafts around efficiently, which we do. That we have a background in genre material and an interest in comic books were big plusses, I think. Owning a complete Walt Simonson run on Thor and being able to wax rhapsodic about Beta Ray Bill didn’t hurt our case.
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Meet the Next Superhero: Chris Hemsworth

Marvel Studios recently announced that 25-year-old Chris Hemsworth will play the hammer-wielding Norse god Thor in director Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming comic book adaptation Thor, set to be released in 2011. The blue-eyed actor definitely has all the looks to play the hunky god of thunder, but here’s where you know him from and other things you should know about this Australian heartthrob.

1. He plays Chris Pine’s dad in Star Trek
He’s three years younger than Pine, who plays Capt. James T. Kirk, but Hemsworth captivated audiences in his small but memorable role as James’s father, George Kirk, in the latest remake of Star Trek.

2. He’s a former soap star
Hemsworth’s big acting break came when he played the high school principal’s son, Kim Hyde, in the popular Australian soap opera Home and Away. That set is where he met Isabel Lucas, 24 – his character’s love interest who eventually became his real-life girlfriend. But no worries ladies, he’s back on the market. In April he told the hosts of Australia’s The Morning Show, “I’m single at the moment.”

3. He competed in Australia’s Dancing with the Stars
In 2005, he appeared on the fifth season of Australia’s DWTS with dancing partner Abbey Ross. Unfortunately, he and Ross failed to take home the trophy, and were the sixth couple eliminated.

4. He’s stepping into Patrick Swayze’s shoes
Hemsworth will take on the lead role of Jed Eckert, originally played by Swayze in 1984, in the remake of the war film Red Dawn.

5. His brother is Miley Cyrus’s future love interest
Acting evidently runs in the Hemsworth family. Chris’s younger brother, Liam, will star opposite Cyrus in the upcoming film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s novel The Last Song. His older brother Luke is also an actor.

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Northfield producer shows Chicago’s potential in ‘Ca$h’

Movie producer Naveen Chathappuram wants to solidify Chicago as a movie-making locale.

At the same time, “Ca$h,” Chathappuram’s first major motion picture shot in Chicago intended for wide distribution, is putting the producer’s company, Immortal Thoughts Productions, on the map.

Chathappuram, who was raised in Downers Grove and attended Columbia College, always thought Chicago, with all its dichotomies, was overlooked by Hollywood. He opened the Immortal Thoughts office in Northfield and set his sights on producing movies in the Windy City.

“My aim was to shoot in Chicago. It just went with my vision,” he said. “To me, L.A. has gotten old, it’s gotten boring to me.”

“Ca$h” addresses the old dilemma of greed vs. morality, but it’s not stale. The issue is being scrutinized today more than ever.
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‘Star Trek’ proto-stud cast as the Mighty Thor: Chris Hemsworth is having a good May

What a difference a few minutes make. Before J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek hit theaters a couple of weeks ago, few knew of Chris Hemsworth outside his native Australia. (Okay, Joss Whedon knew there was something about the actor…and he cast him in his MGM horror flick, Cabin in the Woods, currently in production under Cloverfield director Drew Goddard’s watch.)

But, in the wake of Hemsworth’s dashing appearance as the doomed Captain George Kirk — who, as Bruce Greenwood’s Capt. Pike put it, “was captain of a starship for 12 minutes and, in that time, saved 800 lives” — in the opening sequence of Trek, the 25-year-old has been tapped for two major roles. He’ll rock the Asgard as the hammer-wielding title character in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, the latest entry in Marvel Comics’ bid to swallow Hollywood whole, and he’ll take over the Patrick Swayze role in a remake of Red Dawn.

I suppose the question is, why him? I’m sure some of it comes down to that age-old formula of talent plus luck. But I also think that he looks like, you know, a man. He registers on screen with a heft and a presence; he’s not a kid pretending at being an adult. Maybe it’s an Aussie thing — that’s the same vibe one gets from Terminator Salvation’s Sam Worthington.

Is Australia the last breeding ground for American heroes?

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The Verge: Chris Hemsworth

Ever seen a striking new actor and wondered, “Who’s that?” Now you’ll know before you even have to ask. Welcome to The Verge, Movieline’s weekly interview with up-and-comers on the verge of a serious career boost.

In the new Star Trek reboot, Chris Pine’s James T. Kirk struggles to live up to the legacy his father has set at Starfleet — and so, too, does the prologue involving that dead dad establish the whiz-bang tone the whole movie must follow. Australian actor Chris Hemsworth plays the elder Kirk, and as he tells Movieline, he understands the long shadow that family can cast. But what happens when he’s competing with one of his brothers for a role in the newest Hollywood blockbuster?

You’ve got two other brothers, Luke and Liam, who are also actors. You’re the middle child…how did you all go into that profession? Was it like a toppling of dominoes?
My older brother Luke was on Neighbours [a long-running Australian soap] when I finished high school. I was looking at what my next step was gonna be — I didn’t want to go to university, and I had a different plan each week. And he said, “Look, why don’t you try this acting course?” I did that and it sort of went from there, and then my younger brother Liam had pretty much the same experience and took the same course after high school.
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Chris Hemsworth runs hot and cold in LA

Former Home and Away star Chris Hemsworth has learned quickly the up-and-down nature of work in Hollywood.

Hemsworth, who stars in the new Star Trek film alongside Eric Bana, was suddenly hot stuff when he arrived in LA two years ago.

“When I first arrived in LA, I shot three films in the first year,” he told GQ magazine.

“Then I had nothing for seven months.

“I started learning muay thai (kickboxing) and it was great – my trainer has become like my Yoda.”

Despite landing a key role as Captain Kirk’s father George in one of the year’s most anticipated releases, Hemsworth said he was not a sci-fi fanatic.

“I’m fully aware of what Star Trek means to its dedicated fans,” he said.

“I’ve always appreciated the TV series, but I have never been to a fan convention or anything.”

The Phillip Island lad said his biggest indulgence was surfboards.

“I constantly convince myself I need new boards,” he said. “It’s not too bad as a weakness, I guess; after all, it could be drugs.”